We are Western North Carolina’s exclusive video game shop! Our variety of games and consoles simply cannot be matched anywhere else! Our prices and customer service will leave you smiling and coming back time and time again. We pride ourselves in working to fulfill our customers needs, and we work together to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Whether you are coming to our shop to sell us games & consoles, or you are coming in search of a new game we are sure to have something to offer you! From the newer generation to the older generation that grew up on Ataris we carry something for everyone!

The Retro gaming craze is coming back, and many people are introducing these older games to their sons and daughters. Video games cross generational boundaries, and sitting down with ones family member and reminiscing on an old childhood game can be quite a nostalgic and fun time! We seek to offer as many of these retro games and systems as possible so that our customers can relive childhood memories, and create new ones with their friends and family!

We also offer all of the new consoles and current releases! If you have games you simply do not wish to play anymore come trade them in, and get some new games for your entertainment. These days there are new video games being released daily, and the quality of graphics is getting better and better! We offer all the games,consoles, and accessories you will need for the absolute best gaming experience possible!